Individual Taxation

Our Tax Advisory Experts for US are proficient to identify specific areas for reducing your tax liabilities and provide clear direction for maximizing your net income. We assist you in all steps of tax filling namely;

  • Filling up the required forms
  • Looking for all possible deductions including mortgage interest, education, medical expenses, charity and more
  • Handling effects of events in your life during tax year such as buying a new home, getting married, having a baby etc.
  • Helping in reporting stock, bond, mutual funds, employee stock options etc.
  • Finding deductions for rental property owners, including travel, advertising, refinancing expenses etc.
  • Providing special guidance for sole proprietors, consultants, contractors, e-bay sellers etc.
  • Helping you maximize business deductions like vehicle, supplies, utilities, advertising, home office etc.
  • Preparing other required forms
What tax processing services do we offer?
  • We offer tax preparation services for the following:
  • Form 1040 - For individuals
  • Form 1065 - For Partnerships
  • Form 1120 - For Companies and Corporations
  • We have experience in both individual tax preparation services and business tax preparation services.
  • We will examine your balance sheets, interpret and classify each item on it. We will also classify and interpret P/L items, and interpret the taxability and treatment of various accounts. We can also provide sales tax liability services
We also provide tax preparation services for federal and state tax returns, as follows

  • Individual Income Taxes
  • ‘C' Corporation Income Taxes
  • ‘S' Corporation Income Taxes
  • Partnership Income Taxes
  • Fiduciary Income Taxes
  • Non-Profit Corporation Taxes
  • Heavy Equipment Use Taxes

  • Individual Income Taxes (for all states)
  • Corporation Income Taxes
  • Partnership Income Taxes
  • Intangible Taxes
  • Tangible Taxes Charter/Franchise Taxes

Our Clients
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